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Mack found his calling in art while raised on a ranch in Berryton, Kansas. Through sketching, painting and a steady dose of comic books, he has matured in media such as storyboarding, animation, graphic design and illustration.

In 2008, his work garnered the attention of the White House where he was awarded the honor of decorating one of four Kansas ornaments that hung on the White House Christmas Tree. In that same year, he graduated from Washburn University with a BFA in Digital Arts and Illustration.

He has continued his career through media such as sculpting, animating, and landscape painting, but now focuses his attention on illustration, graphic design and writing.

Mack was awarded over 20 design and web awards by the Kansas Press Association for his work at the Osage County Herald-Chronicle newspaper. As Art Director at Rockhaven Films Mack helped to direct the company's message through graphic design while writing, storyboarding and crafting stories for various clients. 

Mack currently works as a graphic designer for the Kansas Department for Aging and Disabilities, and continues to work as an independent artist, exploring new avenues through multi-media. 

Mack attempts to achieve high quality and honesty in his work while maintaining his unique style with precision.